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in the online electronic scientific journal of Gzhel State University "Vestnik GSU"

1. The following documents are accepted for publication:

– scientific articles (from 8 to 12 pages or from 14,000 to 23,000 printed characters with spaces).

2. Еhe number of characters is calculated automatically: the Word menu item "Tools → Statistics".

3. The originality of the materials should be not less than 75 %

4. Materials are sent to the journal's e-mail in 2 files:

1 file – registration form, example of registration: Ivanov_reg_2020.doc

2 file – materials for publication, sample design: Ivanov_2020.doc

5. The design of materials must meet the following requirements:

– name (Ru – Eng);

– full name (Ru – Eng);

– position (Ru – Eng);

– place of work (study) of the author in full, including the index, e-mail, phone number of the institution (Ru – Eng);

– keywords (Ru – Eng, no less than 10 and no more than 15 words);

– abstract (Ru – Eng);

– list of references.

6. The article should contain a thematic code in accordance with the reference code of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).

7. The data presented in the materials must have references to the source, which are indicated in the list of references.

8. Drawings and tables should be numbered and titled.

9. Drawings captions are as follows: the word "Drawing" in lower left corner without an indent (space), figure number digits, a dash, a space, the name with a capital letter (without dot at the end).

10. The tables are presented in the form: the word "table" in the top left, no indent (space), the table number digits (if more than one), a dash, a space, the name with a capital letter (without dot at the end); cell content should be centered.

11. Illustrations (JPEG, TIFF), diagrams: the author himself places in the text in the Word program.

12. Footnotes are not specified in the article.

13. References (they should be attached at the references) are given in the text in square (not round) brackets.

Example of link design: Text, text, text [5, p. 47], where 5 is the number of the source in the list of references, p. 47 is the page cited by the author.

14. The list of references (for articles) must contain at least 5 sources, located at the end of the text (included in the total volume of the article). Sources in the list of references should be arranged in alphabetical order.

15. List of references in accordance with GOST R 7.05-2008.

16. On the article pages are not listed interactive links to cited literature, the bibliography is printed only at the end of the article.

17. Requirements for text format of materials: Мiсrоsоft text editor Word; font Times New Roman 14 PT; single line spacing; margins: left – 3 cm; the rest – 2 cm, paragraph – 1,25.